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The World of CamicettaSnob

One brand. One story. A thousand shades of color.


Every woman has something special inside of her, a microcosm made up of ideas, values and emotions that makes her unique and inimitable; a trait that CamicettaSnob wants to enhance, by creating outfits to convey an overwhelming energy.


CamicettaSnob Collections are designed for enterprising women who are curious and passionate about life, who love to stand out by wearing clothes that fully express their personality and uniqueness.

Our garments are made and produced with great dedication and passion. We take care of the whole process down to the smallest detail and always aim for perfection.
Omar Chiossi, Sottovento Sales Manager






There is an island of opportunity in the middle of a sea of troubles.⁣ Knowing how to seize them is all about charisma, self-awareness and a touch of femininity. #ChooseYourSide

Our Story

The business activity of the Chiossi brothers began in the first half of the '90s, with the foundation of the company Sottovento, specialised in the production of men's shirts.

Driven by an increasingly strong passion, the Chiossi brothers decide to expand their business by embracing the female universe: thus was born the world CamicettaSnob able to represent the modern, determined and ambitious woman, looking for glamour and basic chic style.

Sottovento's ability to stand out lies in the resilience typical of a well-structured Italian family business. CamicettaSnob brand is synonymous with reliability, solidity, transparency and dedication, all factors that have allowed the brand to consolidate a relationship of trust and continuous collaboration with customers.