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It's the CamicettaSnob woman.

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CamicettaSnob's mission is to represent the bold, dynamic and sensual woman, highlighting her feminine elegance and allure. Shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers and blazers characterized by flowing shapes combined with fluid, soft fabrics and magnetic nuances reminding the brand's claim.

Being simply and uniquely Snob.

New In

ATTIMI, the new CamicettaSnob collection.

An unprecedented collection, the symbol of a strong identity and beauty that does not fade but transforms and evolves. ATTIMI is the new CamicettaSnob Fall Winter 23-24 collection, a message of feminine affirmation.
Also during this season, CamicettaSnob's mission is to enhance the woman tout court, making her feel special in every moment of her life.
Each piece in this collection is the creative synthesis of an out-of-the-box femininity that is sophisticated, authentic and confident.
A mix of romantic and sensual suggestions at the same time, made of enveloping and delicate fabrics, harmonious nuances full of charm, refined details and soft lines that enhance each figure as if it were the most beautiful masterpiece.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

A positive concept that highlights a potential future still to be defined and planned, a life to be lived to the fullest and celebrated every day. This is my greatest challenge: expressing an authentic, vital and dynamic vision through the CamicettaSnob collections.

Juri Chiossi, CEO Sottovento