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It's the CamicettaSnob woman.

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CamicettaSnob's mission is to represent the bold, dynamic and sensual woman, highlighting her feminine elegance and allure. Shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers and blazers characterized by flowing shapes combined with fluid, soft fabrics and magnetic nuances reminding the brand's claim.

Being simply and uniquely Snob.


LUCE, the new CamicettaSnob collection.

Bright, glowing, eye-catching, LUCE is CamicettaSnob's Spring Summer 2024 Collection, which wishes to put all of us in the spotlight of elegance, even in daytime looks.
The sweetness of stripes, the sensuality of florals and the sophistication of plain colors enclosed in one unprecedented collection. The garments of the LUCE line are designed for the dynamic and curious woman who never gives up a flawless outfit.
Special attention has been paid to the features of these garments, with the aim of arousing a greater awareness of ourselves, our bodies and the beauty they express, without filters or conventions, but simply telling who we really are. The primary goal of CamicettaSnob is, and always will be, to make us feel ourselves in our everyday challenges, creating a balance between who we are and what we wear. Never forget that self-love is also expressed in the clothes we choose.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

A positive concept that highlights a potential future still to be defined and planned, a life to be lived to the fullest and celebrated every day. This is my greatest challenge: expressing an authentic, vital and dynamic vision through the CamicettaSnob collections.

Juri Chiossi, CEO Sottovento